Ammonium Chemical Powder
The Ammonium Chemical Powder can be used as an effective fertilizer, which assists in sustaining the food production. This is also added in the household cleaning products as well as other sort of manufacturing.
Barium Chemical Powder
The Barium Chemical Powder can be utilized as the spark-plug electrodes. This is sued by the oil and gas industries as well. It is also used to make bricks, tiles, paint, rubber, and glass.
The Bleaching Powder is useful for bleaching the dirty clothes, effectively. This is functional as a best bleaching agent that is extensively demanded in the textile industry. This is functional as a strong oxidizing agent as well as high-quality disinfectant.
Cobalt Chemical Powder
The Cobalt Chemical Powder is used in the sectors of paints, inks and varnishes. This is functional as a drying agent that can boost the adhesion of the steel. It is also used for the pigment.
Copper Sulphate Powder
The Copper Sulphate Powder is a crystalline granulate, which works as a root killer, fungicide, herbicide and algaecide. This is demanded in the sectors of agriculture as well as non-agricultural settings.
Ferrous Sulphate Powder
The Ferrous Sulphate Powder is known to treat the low iron levels of the. This is used to make medications that treat anemia in pregnancy. It demanded for the pharmacy and other sectors.
Manganese Chemical Powder
Manganese Chemical Powder is suited for the fabrication of clear glass. This is also needed to desulfurize as well as deoxidize the steel. It is a black-brown pigment. It is also filled in the dry cell batteries.
Nickel Chemical Powder is suited for several decorative applications. It has corrosion protection, high luster finish, and advanced wear resistance. This is also used in the automotive industry and offers wear and corrosion protection.
Poly Aluminium Chloride Powder
The Poly Aluminium Chloride Powder assists in the removal of anionic colloidal scums. This can also take out the residual color, so as to fulfill the discharge norms.
Potassium Chemical Powder
The Potassium Chemical Powder is apt for the high surface areas requirements. It has utility in the water treatment as well as solar applications. This powder has utility in the high surface areas.
Sodium Chemical Powder
The Sodium Chemical Powder is used for making glass, cleansers and detergents. This is used extensively for photography and is functional as a component in developers. It also has heat exchanging attributes.
Zinc Chemical Powder
The Zinc Chemical Powder is suited for the process of galvanizing. It has numerous uses in fabrication. It is also functional as a micro nutrients for plants, animals, and even humans. It has an extensive demand in variety of sectors.

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